6 Scariest Movies That You Cannot Watch Alone

If you are one of those people who really get scared when watching horror movies, then this list is for you. To me, the fact we get scared while watching a scary movie is a great feeling because it is causing us what we wanted in the first place. With this list of six movies everything is different, because you should be careful and not watch on your own because they are just too scary.

Detention Girls

Detention Girls - Series by NubilesHa! We tricked you. Detention Girls is far from being scary, but it’s quite amusing. Let us explain why. If you know today’s attitude of girls you must be aware of the drama any interaction with them brings. But there is another problem – these girls today… they are bratty, they misbehave and they don’t know good manners. Nubiles studio came with idea of creating Detention Girls to punish all of them. Or maybe those who are the naughtiest. Do they succeed? For sure!

The Exorcist

This is the master class on how to make the scariest movie of all times. Yes, it is old, and the special effects are outdated, but it still scares me to my bones. The plot is outstanding, the performance by the actors is world-class and the halo of mysticism that surrounds the filming involving several deaths and a young star that couldn´t perform again for a long time is enough to keep me haunted. I remember going to watch the remastered version to the movie theatre and jumping off the seat in several moments. The Exorcist is definitely my number one on this list.

Paranormal Activity

If you are like me, then the movies that insinuate but don´t show are the ones that make you feel the most scared. There are sequences and scenes of this movie that make me really scared, I just have to look elsewhere for some minutes. For example, the scene in which they find footsteps on the powder or the one that the spirit takes her out of bed are among the scariest times I´ve ever had. Yes, I went to see it at the movie theater and with that huge sound is even scarier.

The Blairwitch Project

I remember watching this movie alone in my mother´s house in a small 14” TV with a huge storm pouring rain outside. I watched it before the whole controversy thing about the footage collected being real was solved, so I believed everything in it was documentary-style. I will never forget the scene in which they find the small hands printed on the walls of the concrete cave they are going down to. Finally, The Blairwitch Project is another great example of suggesting without showing.

Emily Rose Exorcism

Yes, I included two exorcism movies on this list because I find them really scary. In this movie in particular, to see the transformation of Rosemary into the possessed creature she becomes is something else. The actress plays an amazing role in an amazing way and the special effects are just correct. The final scene of the exorcism in the barn is worthy of some serious goose bumps.

Rosemary´s Baby

This is another classic but with an amazing plot. The idea that a woman could give birth to the antichrist with a surrounding circle of demoniac friends who play cool until they show their real face is nothing short from amazing. The performance by the actors is great and, luckily, there are virtually no special effects involved; this keeps it timeless. The final scene in which she hugs her baby because antichrist or not it came from her womb is amazing, touching and super scary.

The Ring

This is a modern classic. When The Ring came out in 2002 it was one of the most perturbing movies of the year. I remember very clearly calling my friends to just say “seven days” and then hang up. It is a classic that has aged marvelously well and still scares me a lot.

This is the list of the movies that scared me the most in my life; each has something unique.