Top 5 Best Horror Movies Of All Time

Watching horror movies is one of the most entertaining ways to burn calories and pep up your mood. As per the study conducted by the University of Westminster, watching a horror movie can burn around 200 calories at one time. The psychology professors at the University of Wisconsin confirmed that horror movies make the brain become sharper. One who watches scary movies will become wiser and more mature over a period of time.

Shoplyfter SeriesBut before we go forward to scary things, you should relax your mind with some pretty intense adult entertainment. I’m pretty shocked that this scenario was not yet used in any of horror movies. I’m talking about the series called Shoplyfter, where stealing women are caught and being sexually punished in the backrooms of retail shops. It’s very funny approach to the real problem… so here is my question again – where is the horror movie based on such thing?!

Here Is A List Of Top 5 Best Horror Movies Of All Time

5. Blair Witch Project (1999)

This is the story of three students who enter the haunted Maryland forest. They went there to shoot the documentary of the Blair Witch legend. None of them were seen ever again. The movie is actually the video footage which was all that was found of the trio. The shaky camera movements in the film are puke worthy.

The movie was in the Guinness Book of World Records in the category of “Top Budget: Box Office Ratio.” The movie budget was $60K and gross earning was $248M.

4. Paranormal Activity (2007)

The first part came out in the year 2007. The way this movie scared the lights out of its audience, it became an overnight success. The horror movie series’ last instalment came out in the year 2015. The movie centers around the camera footage of a couple who move into a suburban home. Their life gets disturbed as they experience a demonic presence in their house. The unbelievable camera footage at late night recordings is surely spine-chilling.

3. The Exorcist (1973)

The best horror movies of all-time list would be incomplete without The Exorcist. The movie is based on the novel by William Peter Blatty by the same name. The Exorcist movie series can be termed as having 5 parts. All are popular and equally terrifying. The latest addition being the TV series on Netflix with IMDB rating 8.2.

It is the story of a teenage girl who gets possessed by a mysterious entity, most probably a powerful demon. The mother then seeks the help of priests to exorcise her daughter. What follows is a series of cringe-worthy dialogues and horrifying encounter of the devil and the men of God.

2. Ouija: Origin Of The Evil (2016)

It is a prequel to the 2014 release Ouija. It is a story of two daughters and a mother who create fake séance to run their family. The story takes a U-turn when the youngest daughter unconsciously summons the evil spirit by breaking the Ouija board laws – playing alone. Soon, she gets possessed by the demons and what follows is a tale of horror, mystery, and deaths.

The runtime of the movie is 1 hour 39 minutes. In reality, a horror movie buff would love to watch it time and again but never wish to be a part of it.

All the Ouija board laws were broken by the family’s séances. They played in a graveyard, played alone, and no “Goodbye,” was uttered.

1. The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring is placed at the top of the list for various reasons, the primary being, it is based on a real-life story. It is horrifying but true, the real experience of the victims is a lot scarier than those depicted in the movie. The Conjuring came out with the warning of not being suitable for the weak-hearted audience.

The Perron family of Rhode Island was haunted by demons in 1971 as they moved into their 14-room farmhouse. It was only after the demonic presence began to disturb and torture them they sought the help of psychic, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The first part of the series came out in 2013 and the second one, The Conjuring 2 in 2016. The 3rd installment has been announced.

The movie has two other parts Annabelle (2016) and Annabelle: Creation (2017).

The Nun from the same series will release in 2018.