Horror With Submission Subtheme? It’s Submissived!


No honor among thieves, it is said. Two go endeavor rob a house one makes it out apprehended. The betrayal, the suspense the bondage of banditry. “How do you like your cake?” is the question. Some love it sugary others border on the minty, well it is a matter of choice. We will do you love it spicy and ravishing with just the amount of pain to keep you galvanized on the screen for more. Submissive is just the place to find submission at its most sensual. We’ll what can I say the dark desires come alive and alluring with scenes so intriguing they ought to be in the cinemas were they not too passionate for the mundane audience.


Submissived in an exclusive porn site that offer different adult videos. The site has different and exciting out of place erotic scenes that leaves you yearning for more.

It provides scenes such as; during a normal robbery routine by two thugs, a male and a female and the female decides to double cross the male not knowing that the male thug is just right behind her and notices her hiding some of the goodies. He suggests that they have some fun before getting away. The girl is then tied on the bed and they make love right in the crime scene. The girl is shocked when the guy calls the police and leaves her tied on the bed and naked!

Also scenarios like where mum sends her super rebellious daughter to live with her evangelist uncle who is a Christian to deal with her. The girl ends up seducing her uncle and as always, men are not able to control themselves. The uncle takes her niece, tie her with is belt around her neck and make love to her right in his living room.

The site offers a lot of exclusive videos that will leave you asking for more. We give reasons below on why you should make a point of checking it out.


  • It has all the information you need

Unlike other porn sites were you strive to grasp any information, this sites offer exclusive details that you might need. Apart from well detailed pictures and videos, the site also offers detailed notes below the pictures and the videos. This means that you only watch a video only after you are sure it is what you need. This saves you a lot of time and struggle.

  • It offers out of this world erotic scenes

Unlike other sites that offer only the normal scenes that at times become boring, submissived.com offer erotic scenes that you will not believe exist. In this site, erotic scenes happen where you least expect it thus making it the best site for those people that love adventure and love experimenting with new erotic ideas. Check out this site and watch your kink life change!

  •  It is an all-round site

The other porn sites mostly offer only one category of erotic. This site however understands the various orientations and hence offer both categories of erotic. We have women scenes as well as what we could refer as the heterosexual. This means that you can watch all that you desire in just one site!