Which are the best movies in the horror genre according to the box office?

According to the box office, on the first places in the genre of horror films are situated movies such as “Jaws” (1975) having an income of $1,098,900,000, “The Exorcist” (1973) with $ 885,500,000, “The Sixth Sense” (1999) with $ 494,000,000, “I am Legend” (2007) with an income estimated at the amount of $ 256,400,000, “Hannibal” (2001) with $ 165,100,000 or “The Blair Witch Project” (1999) with a box office estimated at the amount of $ 140,500,000. These are some of the best movies, if we consider the box office as a parameter in films evaluation.

Which are the most interesting movies to wait for in the horror genre?

Even if horror movies present violence, crime and fear, there are many people who are impatient to see the new releases in this genre. The most interesting movies that are about to be released in horror genre include titles such as “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”, which will be released on 27th of January 2017, “A Cure for Wellness”, which is about to be released on 17th of February 2017, “God Particle”, having as released date 24th of February or “Keep Watching”, a movie that is about to be released on 24th of March 2017. Here are some of the most interesting titles that are about to be released in the horror genre.

Cry Wolf (2005) is an appreciated horror movie?

If we consider the box office of “Cry Wolf” (2005), we may say that this movie is far from being a success and an appreciated movie in the horror genre. On the other hand, another way to see if a movie is appreciated or not by the public are the specialized websites in films reviews. Well, to tell the truth, even these websites are rating this movie as very poor and most of the comments are defaming the action from this movie. But there are also persons who consider that this movie is a captivating horror movie.

Which are the reviews for Cry Wolf (2005)?

Important websites in films reviews, such as IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office Mojo or Metacritic, evaluate “Cry Wolf” mostly with unfavourable ratings and critics. Most of the unfavourable critics are based on several arguments such as violence, sexuality or terror images. Even so, there are also opinions that consider “Cry Wolf” (2005) as one of the best movies in the horror genre. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch these movies and have your own opinion.

Which are the best horror films in 2016?

The year 2016 is almost at the end, so we may make a list of the best horror movies that have been released during the last eleven months. We will put on our list horror movies like “The Witch”, “Hush”, “The Shallows”, “Green Room”, “10 Cloverfield Lane”, “The Invitation”, “Lights Out”, “Under the Shadow” or “The Neon Demon”. If you haven’t seen these movies, we recommend you to watch them as soon as possible. You will enjoy all of them, for sure!

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