Horror Films in the Cinema

We are sure that you have heard about horror films. Most probably, you have already seen some films that are included in this genre. Despite the fact that most of these kinds of movies are frightening, when a horror film is released, the cinemas are full of audience that is impatient to watch those new movies.

Reasons for which we choose cinemas for horror films

We live in the informational and digital age. We are able to watch from home at any movie, even if it is an old movie or just a new released one. Horror films are not an exception, but even so, the cinemas are full when a horror film is screened. But which are the reasons for this attractiveness of horror films at the cinema? First of all, we may speak about the comfort that is given by the cinema, including aspects such as big screen, comfortable chairs, pop-corn or the absence of neighbors. Secondly, the crowd that is present there is giving a totally different feeling when you are “living” into the characters’ life. And when we speak about horror films, movies which very often give a feeling of fear, mystery and horror, being with the crowd intensify these feelings. Finally, maybe we choose to watch horror films into the cinemas in order to escape from our routine tasks and to escape the walls of your own home. If you have other reasons, tell us which those reasons are.

Horror films in the cinemas – past and present

Horror films are not a recent genre of movies and we are sure that you have already seen movies that are part of this genre. Here we want to remember some of the most important horror films that were presented in the cinema. There are horror films from the past, such as “God Told Me To” (1976), “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” (1986), “Society” (1989) and “Scream” (1996), or more recently, such as “Orphan” (2009), “You’re Next” (2011), “Cabin in the Woods” (2012) or “It Follows” (2014). The future seems interesting for horror films, because new movies are about to be released soon in the cinemas, as for example “Incarnate” or “Train to Busan”.

Horror films – a fight between “GOOD” and “BAD”

Most of the plots of horror films include a battle between characters that are belonging to the “good” side and the other side, called “bad” side. If there are other kinds of movies when happy end is always there, for horror films happy ends are very rare. The fight between those two adjectives, “good” and “bad”, is given beyond the plot. There are also opinions that speak about the negative effects provided by horror films for children especially, but also for adults. These negative effects may be observed in daily behaviour, such as different types of fear and nightmares.

If you are not scared about horror films actions, then you should pay attention to the next announcements regarding future horror films in the cinemas. Because the public is impatient to have new movies, we are sure that producers and directors are working just now to provide you new horror films.