Why we love to watch at horror films

There are people who love mystery and drama. There are also people who love to be scared by horror movies’ plots. Why? Well, it is hard to generalize, but we are sure that horror films represent an interesting genre of movies for the general audience. We may say this considering the number of persons who choose to watch horror movies into cinemas.

PRO or AGAINST horror films?

Each type of films has supporters and people against. Horror films are not an exception. Maybe horror films are a genre of movies that generate some of the most disputed discussions into the film domain. Most of those that are against horror films suggest that these genres of films are only destructive and these movies deform the reality. Those that are against horror films state that you cannot learn something from these movies; on the contrary you just get scared and fear. But there are also persons who are pro horror films. These persons state that there are some reasons for which you should watch horror films: for fun; train your fears; be more courageous or watch special effects. If you are PRO or AGAINST horror films, it is your choice.

We are sure that fans of horror films are all over the world

Despite discussions that horror films raise, there are many people watching these kinds of movies. The number of those that are attending a cinema in order to see a horror film indicates this statement. The largest population that loves to watch horror films is belonging to the age between 18 and 24 years old, followed by persons that are between 25 and 34 years old. From this statistics, we may say that young people are mostly the fans of horror films. If we speak about the gender of those who watch horror movies, we may be surprised to find out that 58 % of the audience that chooses to watch horror films is represented by women. From this statistics, we could conclude that even if horror films seem to produce fear, many young women love to watch this kind of films.

What can we learn from horror films?

This is a good question for the fans of horror films. In a very crowded age, when we are always busy to do some activity, watching a movie should be an educational activity, from different perspectives. But which are the lessons that the public can learn from a horror film? Well, those that are pro horror films may say that after watching these movies, you will be more courageous and fearless. It could be true. On the other hand, there are persons that speak about nightmares and an increase of fear after watching horror films. Horror films are based also on some stories that usually are exaggerated. So, maybe watching a horror film, you may learn that story, but with the condition of not being fearful.

The reasons for which we love to watch horror films are different for each person that chooses to watch these kinds of films. It could be a person who love mystery or a person who is trying to fight against his or her fears.