Top 5 Horror Movies Released in 2016

Interested in watching the horror movies? Want to know the best of the 2016 horror movies? Note that Fake Driving Instructor isn’t included in this! Horror movies deal with the nightmares, terrors, fears of the viewers. In horror movies, some evil forces try to damage the family through different sources. Evil forces can be ghosts, vampires, monsters, evil witches ETC. some of the horror movies are based on the real stories.

Some of the best 2016 horror movies are:

Conjuring 2

Conjuring is a movie in which an evil source from the hell comes to the family and tries to finish them. Evil source comes in the young daughter of the family and through her that evil force harms the other family members. Two main characters Edward and Lorain comes and tries to help them. Do watch this movie to finish the suspense that whether the family dies or not.

The Devi’s Dolls

The devil’s doll is a horror movie in which a little girl finds a pendant which has the small little doll in it. When the girl wears it, some haunted and evil force comes into it and girl doesn’t understand what’s happening with her. For a further story that what happens with the little girl, do watch this movie.


Annabelle is a movie in which a family of three members lives in an apartment, the wife finds out a little doll for her baby girl. But that doll was not just a doll. Something was there in the doll. From the day when that doll was bought into home, strange things started happening. And when wife tries to get rid of that doll and throws it out of the house, it comes back again by own. Don’t wait, go and watch out Annabelle.

The Caretaker

The caretaker is also a horror movie. In this movie, a witch comes in the home and uses the body of an old woman, who remains sick. And the witch tries to finish and harm everyone in the home.

The Autopsy of john Dae

This is the most horror movie of 2016. In this movie, corps founds the body of the woman in the basement which is half buried and dead. Police say that no one came to the house for this incident. That body then shifts to the hospital and then doctors came to know that she is not dead. Some evil forces are present in the body and she tries to kill everyone around her. For further story watch this movie.