Influences of Horror Movies In The Society

Each kind of movie, each genre in the film industry has certain influences in our society. We may separate these influences in positive and negative, but maybe this approach is subjective. Due to this, we prefer just to speak about how we consider that horror movies influence people’s behaviour or people’s mind.

Influences of horror movies on human behaviour

Horror movies use topics such as violence, crime, mutants, ghosts or vampire. All these topics are considered as unacceptable in human behaviour in our society. Due to this, there are many opinions that are considering that horror movies have mostly a bad influence on human behaviour, due to the effects that these movies may generate. Some of these effects may include nightmares, fear of the dark, fear to sleep alone, fear of woods or fear of certain animals that in the horror films are exaggerated. This discussion is very important, if we observe that the statistics are indicating that the largest public of horror films includes young people between 17 and 35 years old. And this age is very important in personal development. The risk that horror movies may generate is to offer more ideas for some people that may be described as unbalanced in their behaviour.

Influences of horror movies on our free time

Most of us are watching movies during our free time in order to relax and forget about our daily problems. But how horror movies help us to forget about our problems if their plot is mostly with facts that are considered as unacceptable by our society? Well, human mind is very interesting and difficult to understand. Maybe watching a horror movie help us to get in the movie action and in this way we are so focused on the plot that we are trying to solve the “problems”  that we find in that movie. For some people, horror movies are an excellent way to relax and have fun. Because of this, during their free time, they choose to watch this kind of movies.

Influences of horror movies on human society

If in the past men were the main targets of horror films, nowadays statistics speak about the fact that the largest audience of these movies is formed by women. Due to this, we have to reconsider the influences of horror movies in our society. Women seem to come closer to male attitudes, showing more interest in violence, fear and crime. On the one hand, this may be a positive aspect, if women are trying to fight against fear. But on the other hand, in this way women are becoming more aggressive in their thinking. Other influences of horror movies on our society speak about deforming some cultural issues, presenting terrorism actions or the terrible effects of various diseases, but in an exaggerated manner.

We have tried to point out some of the principal influences that we have considered for horror films. We think that every opinion is personal and the decision to watch this kind of movie is also a private decision. And the consequences should be also a private result of our choices.