The review of “Cry Wolf”

The movie “Cry Wolf” has been released on 16th of September 2005. “Cry Wolf” is a 90 minutes duration movie and it is included in the genres such as horror, thriller, drama and mystery, according to it’s plot. In the following sections we would like to introduce you the team from “Cry Wolf” and also the story of this horror film.

The artisans of “Cry Wolf”

Each movie has a large team of production, in front and in the back scene. The actors are not the only important part of a team for a movie production. There are also other important persons in each movie life. As for “Cry Wolf”, the artisans of this horror film are Jeff Wadlow, who is the director of this movie, and Beau Bauman, who is the producer. “Cry Wolf” was written by those two previously mentioned names. Besides these two names, those names that are giving life to the story include names such as Julian Morris, Jon Bon Jovi, Jared Padalecki, Sandra McCoy, Ethan Cohn and Lindy Booth. The musical line has been ensured by Michael Wandmacher, while the cinematography has been provided by Romeo Tirone. The entire movie was edited by Seth Gordon. This is the team that worked hard to produce “Cry Wolf”. The movie has been distributed by Rogue Pictures and Universal Pictures.

The story of “Cry Wolf”

Even if the title is suggesting that the story of this movie is about a wolf, in fact the story is about a game called “Cry Wolf”, a game that is played by eight students that are enrolled at the Westlake Preparatory Academy. These eight students are Randall, Graham, Owen, Lewis, Dodger, Regina, Tom and Mercedes. The game “Cry Wolf” implies that someone has to be the “wolf”, while the other players have to discover him. In the next days, when Tom and Owen were at lunch with their teacher, Mr. Walker, they are discussing about a girl, Becky, who was murdered in the woods, apparently by a wolf. But in fact, the discussion leads to a criminal or a serial killer. Due to this, Dodger proposes playing the game “Cry Wolf” by the entire school, in order to discover the killer. They spread this information by e-mail, describing how the killer looks likes. The plot is getting more intense and the students start to blame each other. In the Halloween night, Owen is attacked by “Wolf”, who was Mercedes. Mercedes intentions were to point out that the killer might be a girl. The end of the story is very violent. Mercedes is murdered and then Owen shoots Mr. Walker, who is believed to be the killer in the woods. But finally is proven that Dodger is the killer and the organizer of the game, because she was jealous of the relationship between Mr. Walker and Becky.

Have you seen this movie? Then maybe you should try to watch this movie. Of course, if you like horror films. Even if there are more critics than appreciations for “Cry Wolf” movie, maybe you will find this movie as exciting.